1. Listen to the information and fill in the articles a, an, or the. If no article is needed write down 0.
Tasmania is (1)  smallest state in Australia. It is (2)  island and it is about 300 kilometres long and 240 kilometres wide. Tasmania has (3)   cool climate. Many kinds of fruit are grown in Tasmania. Some of (4)   fruit grown are apples, peaches, apricots and cherries.
Hobart is (5)  capital of Tasmania. It has (6) beautiful harbour and behind (7)  city there is  (8)  high mountain. (9)  mountain is called Mount Wellington.  There is (10) very good road to (11)  top of (12)  mountain. (13) view from (14)  top is fantastic. You can see (15)  harbour.
2. Fill in the correct article.

This is Narek. He is (16)  new student in our class. (17)  new student's seat is behind me. Narek has got (18)  big eyes and (19)  big red nose. He wears (20)  glasses. He has got (21)  cat and (22)  hamster. (23)  cat is black and white. It likes (24)  mice. (25)  hamster is small. It likes (26)  apples. Narek is good at (27)  tennis. I am not good at (28)  playing games.
My favourite subjects are (29)  English and  biology. I am not bad at (30)  geography. What is (31)  population of (32)  USA? Do you know that (33)  Mississippi is (34)  longest river in (35)  USA and (36)  second longest river in (37)  world? Today is my brother's birthday. I have to go shopping – we need (38)  milk, (39)  rice, (40)  few eggs, (41)  cake, and (42)  fruit. When he comes home I'll ask him if he would like (43)  tea or (44)  coffee. I have (45)  nice present for him.
On  Sunday I will go to (46)  countryside. I have (47)  friend there. My friend wants to become (48) teacher of (49)  English. She was born in (50)  June. She can speak (51)  Chinese and English.