Question types
1. General questions
    Also known as "Yes/No questions" because a short answer (yes or no) is expected.
   - Are you from Armenia?
   -  Yes, I am / No, I am not
2. Special Questions
    Special questions are those questions that ask for details.
    Special questions are also called Wh-questions as most of them start with "wh".
    What? Which? When? Where? Why? Who? Whose?
    Other special questions include: How? How many? How much?
    Who gave you birthday presents? 
3. Alternative questions    
    An alternative question gives a choice of two or more answers in the question and includes or:
    Are we eating in or out this evening?
4. Disjunctive questions(or tail questions, or tag questions)
    Disjunctive questions are also called question tags. They are mini-questions that appear at the end of   
    sentence. We use them to show emphasis, politeness, irony or lack of confidence. A disjunctive question    
    requires the answer “yes” or “no”. Question tags are usually used in informal and spoken English.                                                                           
                                                 Affirmative sentence + negative tag
                                                Negative sentence + affirmative tag
                                                       --                               +
                                        e.g. You don’t like tea, do you?       No, I don’t.
                                                       --                    +                           --     

                                               You like tea, don’t you?            Yes, I do.
                                                       +            --                                  +