Articles with nouns in set expressions
The use of the indefinite article (a) with nouns in set expressions:
in a low (loud) voice
Don't speak in a low/loud voice.
to have a good time
We had a very good time yesterday.
a great many, a great number of
I have spoken to him a great many times. She has a great number of English books at home.
for a long time/for a short time
I haven't gone to the theatre for a long time.
The use of the definite article (the) with nouns in set expressions:
the other day (refers to the past)
I met him the other day.
the day after tomorrow
We are having a test the day after tomorrow.
on the right/on the left
He has pains on the right side of his body.
Nouns in set expressions used without an article.
at breakfast/dinner/supper
We'll talk at dinner.
after breakfast
After breakfast she started the laundry for breakfast.
for breakfast
Mother knew what I liked for breakfast.
at sunrise/at sunset
We left the town at sunrise. We arrived at the village at sunset.
at home
Stay at home.
lesson \(10\), page \(3\)
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